Influencia de la formulación del Plan de Desarrollo bajo el modelo de Planeación Participativa, en la construcción de ciudadanía y gobernabilidad, en el Municipio de Zipaquirá, periodo 2008 2011 Thesis

short description

  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Alarcón Robles, Daniel Esteban


  • The text allows the reader to approach the understanding the dynamics of participation in the cities and recognize its importance for the generation of a civic culture, the emergence of collective action and the consolidation of a shared responsibility between the state and civil society. Citizenship and governance are two necessary aspects of life in urban centers today, for its construction is driven processes required from local governments or citizens, one of the mechanisms is the formulation of development plans under the model of participatory planning.

publication date

  • 2011-09-26


  • Citizenship
  • Collective Identity
  • Governance
  • Participatory Planning
  • Plans of Development

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  • bb9c0965-9978-4f1f-ab48-34117874c830