Vida y muerte empresarial. Estudios empíricos de perdurabilidad. subproyecto: empresas saludables - caso Pan pa ya Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • Amaya Saenz, Julie
  • Trujillo Moyano, Alejandro


  • Within the corporate sustainability approach we find different concepts, in our opinion an essential part in the pillar bases and gives continuity in times of business. Following this idea it should be stressed as the company adopts and puts this knowledge into practice and within the scheme and changing real labour against the demands of new markets. Companies are created by people for people. These people are responsible for creating, modifying and managing all business concepts in order to succeed in changing ways and to achieve sustainability. In this process there are key people who are part of each organization. We also need to clarify that there are many internal and external factors that strongly influence the ride quality of an organization. Flexibility and responsiveness are key elements that every day becomes more important when it comes to strategy design. It is clear that in all sectors of the global economy, all companies join forces to create new models and responses to cope with any circumstance that may arise. Have a simple but very complete idea, be the biggest chain of bakeries which is perfected over time proving much more powerful and enduring. This in a sector that is clearly overwhelmed by the lack of innovation and competitive advantage. PAN PA YA advantages, take advantage of, and go beyond traditional systems and seek new sales strategies. New products as a shield bearing the product quality and innovation as its main weapon. Without going into detail, the most successful formula PAN PA PAN, was to create the need for a quality product with more simple ingredients, a recipe that anyone can have. Quality, innovation, staff training, development of new and delicious products, achieved in a short time to have that recipe successful, than any company of the same sector, has not been able to complete.

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  • 2011-08-08


  • Business challenges
  • Colombian entrepreneur of the year award
  • Companies
  • Components for perdurability
  • Entrepreneur
  • Pan Pa Ya
  • Perdurability

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