Determinantes culturales que influyen en el liderazgo de los trabajadores: Comparativa países Asiáticos vs países Latinoamericanos Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • Ramirez Romero, Laura Alejandra


  • The purpose of this review article is to understand how the variables and cultural patterns of a country influence the development of leadership in workers, since it is necessary to determine how the environment in which individuals develop according to knowledge, beliefs , laws and customs of your country, condition their training as leaders. The literary review was given through the research of academic sources, journals, studies and scientific articles that identify the basic components, theoretical models, and methodologies for the characterization of both culture and leadership, and the case that is exposed to determine the incidence of one over the other (culture on leadership), takes the comparison of the six cultural variables exposed by Hofstede and the six global dimensions of leadership determined by the Globe study. This comparison was made between four Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico) and four Asian countries (China, Japan, India and Indonesia). From the results obtained in the comparisons made and the subsequent analysis of these, it was possible to determine in general terms the main cultural and leadership characteristics of the Latin and Asian region. Overall, the incidence of cultural variables on the determinants of leadership implemented and expected in the countries of each region compared was observed. This allowed us to understand how the effectiveness of a leadership is judged in terms of the culture in which it is implemented, which provides important knowledge about the implications for an organization when hiring managers, since it is propitious that they maintain a leadership that is adapt to the prototype that responds to the needs of the cultural characteristics of a country, because otherwise, the effectiveness of leadership would decrease and the consequences would be reflected in the performance on the results of the organization.

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  • February 19, 2020 2:32 PM


  • Cultural dimensions of Hofstede
  • Culture
  • Globe Study
  • Leadership
  • Leadership Variables

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