El impacto social de la explotación y extracción de petróleo en la zona rural del Municipio de Melgar-Tolima (estudio de caso) Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Duarte Cartagena, Nelly María


  • This research work aims to reflect on the current situation of peasants and address social change in rural areas from the sociocultural transformations that directly affect peasant family organization, particularly in the rural reality of the municipality of Melgar (Tolima), considering some economic aspects, but with an emphasis on the sociocultural dimensions of the change produced by the impact generated with the arrival of the oil industry. The discussion focuses on recognizing some changing factors in the living conditions of the peasants, related to the structure and social organization in aspects such as occupation, division of labor, traditional roles and functions exercised by the peasants, after the insertion of the “Petrobras” company, in the rural community, a situation that has transformed the predominant economic activity in the area of the area of oil influence of the municipality of Melgar. The research strategy selected to describe said impact generated by the oil industry on the social life of the peasants was the case study, in the San José de Cualamaná and Arabia villages of the Melgar municipality (which are part of the area of influence of the Campo Guando oil project in the municipality of Melgar), combined with the use of documentary sources, statistics and a survey.

publication date

  • November 4, 2020 5:42 PM


  • Oil exploitation
  • Rural community
  • Social change
  • Social impact

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