La globalización como estrategia de competitividad. Caso Mango Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • Navia Rey, Maria Fernanda
  • Reyes Huerfano, Angie Mariana


  • This work is based on the Spain business mission with Rosario University, where we have the opportunity to visit the distribution plant of MANGO brand, which arouses an immediate interest in the investigation of the process and the fashion industry. With one of the most efficient distribution chains in the world in volume and response times, MANGO is an admirable infrastructure company. However, for a few years they stopped seeing the customer as a center of operation for the market and their delay in decision making redirected it to an economic crisis. Next, a detailed account of its history and its way of operating in the market, in which the failures committed by its directors in the past will be explained. The study was carried out through a meticulous financial analysis that compares year after year with the strategic decisions implemented since 2008, in this order of ideas the analysis was yielding the commercial result of the investment proposed for each year according to the changes of the environment. For a company that knows the innovation in infrastructure first hand, it is curious to find that they fail in the process innovation towards the client and MANGO particularly allowed the competition to open a gap in the market share by not realizing the needs that were generated in the market. Correcting will always be more expensive than anticipating and that is perhaps the highest cost of the company today, correcting the problems caused by not making decisions on time.

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  • June 21, 2019 6:24 PM


  • Customer
  • Fast fashion
  • Infraestructure
  • Inventory

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