Imaginarios sociales sobre la práctica de actividad física en escolares adolescentes del colegio Paulo Freire I.E.D. de Bogotá Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

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  • Alvarado Camacho, Diego Edinson


  • Introduction. The practice of physical activity, as a fundamental tool to create better health conditions for the population, is widely studied from quantitative variables that account for its undeniable physical and physiological effects. However, the failures in adherence to its regular practice, merit further analysis from the socio-cultural perspective, to understand what elements that influence it and some of those keys are found in the social imaginary around physical activity. objective. Describe the social imaginary, as well as the knowledge that adolescent schoolchildren from Paulo Freire I.E.D. of Bogotá, as fundamental references for the design of strategies that favor its practice. Method. Qualitative interpretive study, which was investigated by the social imaginary about the practice of physical activity in adolescent students of Paulo Freire I.E.D. of Bogotá, with prior informed consent and assent. A segmentation of the data by subject was made, which was triangulated with the theoretical frame of reference for the analysis of the data. Results It was evident in adolescents a basic knowledge of the health benefits, of the practice of physical activity, which were basically acquired in school. Discussion. In general terms, the imaginary of adolescents regarding the different concepts and contexts is not far from the voices of theorists, finding in common the importance of regular AF practice. Conclusions. The adolescents of the Paulo Freire District College, have knowledge about AF, but have not developed adequate habits of AF practice, which are related to the imaginary built in their social environment, which assign little value to this practice

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  • January 13, 2020 4:54 PM


  • Physical activity
  • School teenagers
  • Social imaginary

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