Experiencias de interacción autónoma entre estudiantes sordos y oyentes en el contexto educativo incluyente Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

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  • Bolaños Piñeros, Carlos Alfonso


  • In the inclusive public school system of the city of Bogotá, boys and girls with hearing impairments regularly attend the classroom for the deaf, where they differentially acquire communication tools and knowledge in accordance with this educational stage. This changes in sixth grade where they will share the classroom with their fellow listeners thanks to the support of the linguistic mediator, who due to lack of resources only supports academic reflection, in other settings they will have to face the challenge of interacting with their fellow listeners driven by their needs. His collective identity and agency capacity will allow him to meet, forcing him to move from his reference group to the cultural frontiers where in a third space he will meet the other. This research wants to get closer to the motivations, perceptions and borderline experiences that eight people with profound deafness had when they interacted autonomously and without a linguistic mediator with their hearing peers during their passage through the inclusive educational system in the city of Bogotá, therefore from a methodological perspective of A case study will analyze multiple life stories, finding 6 relevant aspects that intervene in this interaction, namely: a) Deaf childhood, a reduced socialization process but greater openness to the other, b) the intentionality of the encounter, c) traits differentials, determine the process of discovery of the other, d) the lack of knowledge of the other, the greatest barrier to a successful interaction, e) not interacting is a widespread option, finally, f) significant experiences and general balance of the experience at school bilingual and bicultural.

publication date

  • December 7, 2021 3:23 PM


  • Deaf childhood
  • Deaf students
  • Hearing peers
  • Inclusive school system

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