Caracterización del metro de ciudad de Panamá y su impacto sobre la movilidad y la calidad de vida Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • Castro Quintero, Daniela
  • Pineda Blanco, Maria Alejandra


  • In the business mission was made a visit to Panama City, in which a little knowledge was made of the history and culture of this city, in that visit the problem that is evident is the high flow of vehicles and the road congestion that this entails, this happens because in the city there are few roads, too many vehicles and the infrastructure of some roads are not in good condition. This is how it was decided to analyze the city`s metro to be able to establish whether the use of this mass transit medium can help that congestion decrease in this city, as congestion indicenties could be reduced and a better quality of life could be people. Considering that the metro consists of a faster mass transport system, being a transport that allows to shorten distances and decrease times on each journey. Determining that the metro lines communicate with each other with the main objective of offering citizens greater agility and speed from one point to another and thus offering an improvement in people`s quality of life, because the less time they spend in those of spending more time on a daily basis to be able to devote themselves to activities they like.

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  • December 10, 2019 12:29 PM


  • Congestion
  • Metro
  • Mobility
  • Times
  • Transport

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