Municipio saludable como polo de desarrollo local diagnóstico situación láctea Macheta Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Castro Burbano, Jaime
  • Duarte Cárdenas, Viviana Ximena
  • Páez Ayala, Sindy Carolina

external tutor

  • Palacio-Salazar, Ivarth


  • This project is part of an agreement set between the Cundinamarca Govern and the Universidad Del Rosario to develop the project called “Municipio Saludable Como Polo de Desarrollo Local” in three towns of Cundinamarca: Machetá, Sesquilé and Mesitas de El Colegio. This program has 4 parts, from which the University has chosen the first one to develop. The part chosen is related to the generation of new employments and general income to the community. The investigation, object of study, took place in the town of Machetá, where the dairy sector and its small producers were the subject of study and as the tool of this study was used The Logical Framework Approach from which the following activities were develop: a) Contact with the community, periodic visits to the town. b) Elaboration and application of surveys to the public figures of the City Hall, market sales people and producers. c) Processing and analysis of the resultsd) Construction of the Problem Trees. e) Construction of the Objectives Trees. f) Socializing with the community the resultsg) Elaboration of strategiesh) Conclusions and recommendationsIn order to improve the lifestyle of the small producers of milk is important to recommend the setting of an organization or any kind of association that allows offering a product with enough volume, and with the quality required by the processing companies or even to enter a more elaborated process which implies the montage of a cooling tank with a minimum capacity of 3. 000 liters/day and/or process milk in order to produce cheese or other kind of dairy products. By getting this organization it could stabilize prices, incomes and it would give them negotiation power which now is something missing in the town’s small producers.

publication date

  • 2011-12-09


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  • dc1e5dbc-9a30-4134-a0c2-126bdae69283