Ciencias de la complejidad : estado actual Thesis

short description

  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Cancino Quintero, David


  • The theoretical and applied contributions of complexity sciences in economy has taken so many directions and have been so fast in last decades, that actually does not exist a recent work, far from we know, that compiles and analyze integrally these contributions. The objective of this document is to develop a situational state of the different conceptual, theoretical, methodological and technological applications of complexity sciences in economy. Therefore, to analyze the actual tendencies in the complex economic systems research and the horizons that complexity sciences offers to the nowadays economic issues of a globalized world.

publication date

  • 2015-12-16


  • Economic traditional sciences
  • complexity sciences
  • equilibrium
  • rationality

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  • e355e080-10c5-4d0e-ba9d-d70a310e742f