Colombia en tiempos de construcción de paz : análisis cuantitativo de suplementos de arte para la paz en la sección cultural del y, en el año que se firmaron los acuerdos (2016) Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • Severiche Ramos, Ana María


  • Colombia has suffered different expressions of violence in more than 60 years of armed conflict. The episodes that this conflict has left in Colombia have permeated the cultural life of citizens. A consequence of the violent events has been the presence of a culture of violence in our society, because in addition to this, the repetitive presence of a culture of violence has led to different guilds of Colombian society mobilizing from different disciplines based on resolve conflicts creatively to contribute to the construction of peace. In the particular case of our country, there is a long list of non-governmental and governmental organizations, national and international research centers and media specialized in clarifying what happened in the armed conflict. Likewise, groups with political and cultural projects, social leaders from directly affected areas, among other contributors, have promoted initiatives towards a culture of peace from their work and interests. The arts for peace are an example of demonstrations that seek to contribute creatively to the reconstruction of a social fabric. Art, besides being able to be approached from discourses and aesthetic processes, has served as a vehicle for our victims to express themselves, to communicate pain, to create memory and reconciliation. The current document explores the journalistic treatment of these artistic manifestations for peace in two of the most important media in the country in its digital versions

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  • October 11, 2019 4:16 PM


  • Armed conflict
  • Art for peace
  • Cultural journalism
  • Digital journalism
  • Peace building
  • Quantitative analysis

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