Impacto de la Gestión de la Cuenta de Alto Costo (CAC) Sobre la Mortalidad a Causa del VIH Thesis

short description

  • Master's thesis

Thesis author

  • Rodríguez Peña, Andrea Nathalie


  • This document presents a model for evaluating the impact of CCS on mortality due to HIV, a disease selected from the group of high-cost pathologies managed by this entity; It takes a tour based on the literature review on the methodologies for evaluating strategies, policies, programs and other tools managed on high-cost diseases at an international level and emphasizes the selected pathology to show the tendencies of the various authors of the literature on these topics, thus accounting for the influence of the concept of time series and panel data throughout the evaluations and methodological development; Based on this, it presents the variables selected for the estimation of the difference-in-difference model with a panel of fixed-effect data and its results, which lead to the conclusion that the effect of the CCS intervention on mortality from HIV / AIDS is not statistically significant, which means that a decrease or increase in the HIV mortality rate is not directly related to the management or not of CCS; However, the variables of affiliation to the SGSSS and that of SGP health resources are evidenced as significant and with an effect on mortality, when the pre-existing differences are eliminated. Therefore, based on these results, he recommends considering other variables for the design of the CAC evaluation other than Mortality and visualizing the entity as a Policy in itself of administrative management in the Health sector in Colombia, to estimate the impact on well-being or improvement of indicators of quality of life as a whole on the target population combining quantitative and qualitative methods.

publication date

  • February 17, 2021 3:12 PM


  • CAC (The High Cost Account: Colombian Fund for High Cost Diseases)
  • CAC evaluation model in the treatment of HIV / AIDS
  • General System of Social Security in Health of Colombia
  • Health Regimes in Colombia
  • Impact of CAC on the mortality rate

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