El área metropolitana de Cúcuta como mecanismo de implementación del desarrollo sostenible de acuerdo al plan integral de desarrollo metropolitano área viva, región sostenible en el departamento de Norte de Santander (2012-2015) Thesis

short description

  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Muñoz Ruiz, Adam Fernando


  • The current article has for main objective to analyze the incidence of the Cucuta’s Metropolitan Area as an integration mechanism in the implementation of the Sustainable Development per the Integral Plan of Metropolitan Development. The hypothesis that it’s intended to demonstrate is that the Cucuta’s Metropolitan Area has not influenced directly I the implementation of a new development paradigm in the region by means of the Integral Plan of Metropolitan Development “Área Viva, Región Sostenible”, since the execution of environmental and infrastructural public policies contained within the plan, intended to install the sustainable development for the attainment of a sustainable city, nevertheless the plan does not refer clearly to sustainable development neither provides a link between the municipalities within the area for the real establishment of a new paradigm in a bordering territory as Norte de Santander. The article is the result of qualitative investigation based upon archives review and recollection of information out of primary sources. It intends to analyze the implementation of this new paradigm within the Integral Plan of Metropolitan Development, its functionalities in municipalities that integrate the area and the coherence between the actions established in the IPMD and the municipal development plans.

publication date

  • June 12, 2017 8:42 PM


  • Cucuta’s Metropolitan Area
  • Integral Plan of Metropolitan Development
  • Public Policy
  • Sustainable City
  • Sustainable Development

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