Evaluación de disfunción sexual en pacientes sometidas a cabestrillo suburetral para corrección de incontinencia urinaria en el Hospital Universitario Mayor Thesis

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  • Postgraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Duarte Rojas, Pablo Cesar

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  • Ibáñez-Pinilla, Milcíades
  • Rodríguez Ibagué, Luis-Fernando
  • Ruiz-Sternberg, Angela María


  • Objective: To establish the prevalence of sexual dysfunction in patients undergoing correction of urinary incontinence using the sling urethrocystopexy at the Hospital Universtario Mayor.Methodology: Methods: We performed a cross-sectional analytical study, which evaluated sexual dysfunction in patients with urinary incontinence through the survey PISQ-12 after 6 months of the completion of the sling in the management of female urinary incontinence and the association will seek with other factors such as type of surgery associated with the sling, menopause, hormone therapy, age, number of pregnancies association test using the chi-square or Fisher exact test or exact likelihood ratio (expected values <5).Results: The prevalence of sexual dysfunction was 27% (12 patients), of which 25% had moderate dysfunction (11 patients) and two per cent severe dysfunction (1 patient) agree with the IPCS-12 scale. Sexual dysfunction was more frequent in patients with stage 2 prolapse associated with posterior sling (4 of 5 women), followed before and after stage 2 (4 of 10 women), other categories were lower, showing a significant association (p = 0.011, exact test Likelihood Ratio).Conclusion: From this study we can conclude that pelvic floor surgery (colporrhaphy) contomintante of urinary incontinence surgery sling is associated with a higher degree of female sexual dysfunction.

publication date

  • 2010-10-14


  • PISQ-12
  • female sexual dysfunction
  • sling
  • urinary incontinence

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