Plan de competitividad y desarrollo socioeconómico sostenible para el municipio de Nuquí, Chocó Thesis

short description

  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Conto Albán, Alejandra
  • Mendoza Mendoza, Diego


  • Given the present conditions in which people live in the department of Chocó, specifically the municipality of Nuquí, one can say that, the present research intends to, develop a plan, which main purpose is to achieve a certain level of competitiveness and sustainable socio-economic development. The methodology for the elaboration of the documents was, in a first stage, a compilation of theories related to sustainable development and competitiveness. In a second stage, and taking into account: the theories reviewed, a field work that was carried out, and a diagnosis of the area, a SWOT analysis was developed. The result of the study yielded information on the strategic position, in which Nuquí was located. Posterior to this, the authors of the present document developed a series of strategies and programs, which were accompanied by their respective explanation. The research concludes that, upon a correct implementation of the strategies and plans proposed, the municipality will generate an adequate level of competitiveness and sustainable development, which at last, will increase the quality of life of people.

publication date

  • April 6, 2010 8:09 PM


  • competitiveness
  • diagnosis
  • growth
  • human capital
  • matrix model
  • poverty
  • strategies
  • sustainable development

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  • f72010ac-6976-41fb-91ae-61d21881ba72