La Colombia imaginada, trazos de paz: la literatura infantil como experiencia pedagógica en educación superior Academic Article


  • A pedagogic experience in the classroom stimulates the creation and recreation of learning environments; it is based on the interest in making different training purposes converge through a sense of rel- evance in relation to the students, teachers and social realities. This article synthesizes the way in which children’s literature is used as a mediator of both the affirmation and the appropriation of daily life in an indigenous community living in an urban city, through uni- versity students in the health sciences. Through the structure of an elective course, we identified how this enabled the stimulation of in- tercultural recognition, creativity in interactive processes, motivation in learning, and the appreciation of interdisciplinary convergence points, as well as the opportunity for the indigenous community to infuse its history and path in the urban discourses and practices of university students. This experience reflected the interest of the stu- dents to be part of spaces for social outreach, the willingness of the indigenous community to interact with youth and the emergence of new narratives on indigenous rootedness and its meaning in mod- ern life as a context for the construction of peace.

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  • 2018/10/5


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