Un análisis de la participación y de la interactividad en los j-blogs politicos Academic Article


  • From a comparative study of ten political journalistic blogs (j-blog) hosted in Brazil and Spain newspapers, we present results concerning participation and interactivity in these blogs. In order to know the level of participation and interactivity of Internet users and between users and journalists-bloggers we analyze the different elements available in the j-blogs format and journalistic elements that allow interactivity in 977 posts. The results suggest that journalists-bloggers care little for interacting with users. Except Ignacio Escolar, author of Escolar.net, who participates in the comment box and interacts with the audience that follows him, other journalists-bloggers that are part of the research are not concerned about reviewing the readers’ comments. Another important aspect is that these professionals prefer to use the textual narrative in their posts instead of exploring the hypermedia language more frequently, although this should allow selective interactivity.

publication date

  • 2015/1/1


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  • Brazil
  • Internet
  • Spain
  • hypermedia
  • interactive media
  • journalist
  • language
  • narrative
  • newspaper
  • participation
  • weblog

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