Configuración política de la categoría discapacidad en Colombia: relación Estado y ciudadanía Academic Article


  • Background. The State as an institution of power has theability to recognize and guarantee the rights and duties ofcitizens. The relationship between State and citizens allowspeople with disabilities to legitimize their rights and becomepartners in the development, decision and execution of theissues that concern them.Rev. Fac. Med. 2015 Vol. 63 Supl. 1: S25-32 25Objective. This document presents the findings of thecategories State and Citizenship, derived from the study“Historical Analysis of the Political Construction of theDisability Category in Colombia”, in order to reconstructthe history of the social events that determined the politicalchanges of disabled people between 1986 and 2012 .Materials and Methods. Six categories were analyzed in 283primary and secondary sources. The analysis was performed atthree levels: the macro one (politics and guidelines worldwide);the meso one (politics, jurisprudence and legislation), andthe micro one (the organized civil society). The theoreticalapproaches used were the Bourdieu’s concept of social fieldand the Foucault’s concept of biopower. On the other hand, themethodological approaches used here were based on a criticalhistoricaland social-historical studies perspective.Results. Three historical periods that represent turning points inthe sociopolitical concept of disability in Colombia are exposed.Conclusion. There is a constant tension between the Stateand citizens with disabilities. Public policies on disabilityin Colombia have favored, and they are the result of theemergence and configuration of political subjects aware oftheir social capitals. So his political exercise transforms theconfiguration of power. However, these actions do not extendin the same way to all regions of the country, thus political andcivic actions on disability, given the structure of the ColombianState, differ from region to region.

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