The effect of the Kangaroo Mother Care program (KMC) on wages: A structural model Working Paper


  • In this paper we analyze the relationship between skills and some outcomes laterin life for a population of premature children. Pretreatment skills and characteristicsare good predictors of childhood and adulthood skills and outcomes. Incomeper capita and parents education at birth are positively correlated with home environmentat 6 and 12 months of corrected age. Moreover, parents education and theproportion of workers at home are correlated with the number of preschool yearsattended by children. Interestingly, health indicators taken during the first year oflife are critical factors for decision to enrol into a university, to obtain better resultsin math scores and earn larger wages.

publication date

  • 2016/5/13


  • adulthood
  • childhood
  • health
  • income
  • parent education
  • structural model
  • university
  • wage
  • worker

number of pages

  • 62