Abordaje desde la complejidad a las barreras en la prestación de servicios de salud a consumidores de sustancias psicoactivas: estudio de caso en el modelo de salud colombiano./ APPROACH FROM THE COMPLEXITY TO THE BARRIERS IN THE PROVISION OF HEALTH SERVICES TO USER OF DRUGS: A CASE STUDY IN THE COLOMBIAN HEALTH MODEL Academic Article


  • Introduction. The phenomenon of the consumption of psychoactive substances (SPA) is approached from the complex, since it cannot be explained by linear models of determination, and it is postulated that it requires for its understanding the approximation to different levels of reality, from this perspective it is proposed to study the barriers of access to health services. Objective. To evidence and analyze, from the complexity, the existing barriers in the Colombian health system, by health service providers, in the care of people with substance use disorders and their associated comorbidity... Methodology. This is a transdisciplinary and qualitative investigation in which health system agents related to SPA consumption participated, grouped in three regions of Colombia. A technical assistance was carried out by region, applying social cartography, focal group and thematic questionnaire. Results: Barriers were found in relation to the application of a differential approach, recognition and guarantee of rights, the use of SPA consumers as subjects of special protection, and other administrative issues. Conclusions According to the findings, it is necessary to understand the phenomenon of SPA consumption from a transdisciplinary point of view, which allows joining efforts at the local level, in order to make the rights approach effective in the provision of health services to SPA consumers.

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  • 2018/1/1


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