Traducción del fallo de la Corte Internacional de Justicia en el caso “Obligación de negociar una acceso al océano Pacífico” (Bolivia c. Chile). Decisión sobre las excepciones preliminares Comment


  • Note: An unofficial language translation is provided belowof the text of the judgement rendered by the International Court of Justice of theJustice, 24 September 2015, in the "Obligation to negotiate" casean access to the Pacific Ocean" (Bolivia v. Chile). Decision onPreliminary Objections. The original text of the judgment may beaccessed on the website of the Court at the following address: This translation is for the sole purpose ofand has no official character. There is no official version inof the Court's judgments, these are issued only in their own languages.which are, according to Article 39-1 of the Statute, French and Spanish.English. In addition, in accordance with paragraph 2 of the same article, in each judgment the Court determines the language in which it attests.In the case of the judgment of September 24, 2015, this language is theEnglish. For reasons of space, it is not possible to include the full text here.of the individual and dissenting opinions that some judges decidedto be added to the judgment. However, at the end of this text, the following was includedtranslation of abstracts prepared by the Registry.

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