Percepción de la satisfacción en la atención en usuarios atendidos por estudiantes de Fisioterapia de la universidad del Rosario Academic Article


  • The measurement of user satisfaction in health services is a necessity towards improving the qualityof care. The aim is To know the perception of satisfaction in providing services to clients served by physiotherapystudents in institutions of higher complexity in Bogota. Method: Descriptive study was conducted on a sample was166 users; the assessed items were socio-demographic, perception of quality - humanization, perceived health statuschange, loyalty and sense of satisfaction. Results: Sociodemographic characterization: The 62,05% of users are malegender, the 42,37% is the total number of users over 60 years. Perceived quality - Humanization: All users perceiveda great deal regarding the duration and number of sessions expressed as 52% agree, 94% pointed to it properlyexplained the procedure and activities to be implemented; be clear, understandable and useful information. Perceptionof change in health status: The 94,8% showed that treatment met their expectations, and 67,4% felt that theirhealth has since improved the care provided. Loyalty and Satisfaction Perception: More than 90% of users are satisfiedand they would return and recommend the care provided. Conclusions: The perception that occurred showedthat users were satisfied with the intervention, with the explanation and treatment objectives for future studies issuggested including other categories of analysis as some standards enabling and welfare priority processes.

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