A spatiotemporal analysis of agricultural prices: An application to Colombian data Academic Article


  • Agribusiness


  • This study focusses on whether the geographical separation of markets constitutes a factor that helps explain the dynamics of agricultural prices. To do this, the authors employ a highly disaggregated dataset for Colombia that consists of weekly observations on wholesale prices for 18 agricultural products traded in markets scattered around the country. The sample period spans almost a decade. According to their results, which are based on generalized impulse response functions, distance (and thus transportation costs) is a factor that helps explain the speed at which prices adjust to shocks in other locations, thus confirming that price adjustments take longer for markets farther apart. © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

publication date

  • 2013/9/1


  • Agricultural prices
  • Agricultural products
  • Colombia
  • Costs and Cost Analysis
  • Datasets
  • Factors
  • Generalized impulse response function
  • Price adjustment
  • Shock
  • Spatio-Temporal Analysis
  • Transportation costs
  • Wholesale prices
  • agricultural price
  • agricultural product
  • agricultural products
  • cost
  • costs
  • market
  • markets
  • price
  • sampling
  • spatiotemporal analysis
  • speed

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