Periodismo digital, medios e interactividad en Colombia. Una revisión (1996-2016) Chapter


  • The deepening of the concept of the public sphere, based on the generalization of ICTs, favors a gradual activation of users in the information environment (Bowman and Willis, 2003; Bachmann and Harlow, 2012). With this phenomenon, the integration of the receivers into the configuration of the channel, code or message is stimulated, that is to say, a participation that Li (1998, p. 355) establishes on three levels is encouraged: non-interactive communication, "quasi-interactive" or "fully" interactive communication. Rodríguez, Codina and Pedraza (2012), for their part, propose six parameters, containing 36 indicators, to evaluate the interaction in the media; these parameters range from the communicative possibilities that a user may originate with the medium, to the capacities to access or personalize the information, among others. Many definitions, coincident or not, conceptually explore the dimensions and predominant domains of interactivity, although it is commonly accepted that this is one of the structural characteristics of digital journalism (Dahlgren, 1996; Bardoel and Deuze, 2001; Larrondo, 2004; Deuze, 2004; Palomo, 2004; Frascaroli, 2005; Salaverría, 2005a; Paulussen, 2006; Zamith, 2008; Micó and Masip, 2008; Palacios and Díaz Noci, 2009; Steensen, 2009, 2011; Larrondo and Díaz Noci, 2011; Barredo, Palomo, Mantilla and Gard, 2014). With this proposal, we have set out to analyze the lines of research related to the study of interaction in Colombian digital journalism, the projects developed, as well as the results of the contributions published in recent decades. Through this theoretical mapping, we will map out a conceptual route that can be very useful to address other empirical work with precision.

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  • 2016/1/1


  • Colombia
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  • interaction
  • interactive media
  • journalism
  • media journalism
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