Psychoactive substance consumption in recreational settings among university students in Colombia Academic Article


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  • The consumption of psychoactive substances (PAS) is a public health problem in Colombia and worldwide. The people who consume such substances are becoming younger, and their effects are potentially harmful and may affect all areas of adjustment of the individual. Although it has been conceived that way, the use of PAS is not always associated with personal problems or high degrees of stress. There may be other motivations associated. Objective: The objectives of this article are to present: (a) the relative frequency of consumption of PAS among college students, (b) which are the PAS consumed most by college students and differences in their consumption by sex and by age, (3) the relationship between the consumption of PAS and contexts of diversion. Materials and methods: This is a descriptive correlational study derived from an Italian research project, in which the sample were 226 college students from four undergraduate programs of a private university in Bogotá DC, selected using a stratified random sampling procedure with proportional allocation. Participants filled out a questionnaire. Results: The PAS with the highest consumption were alcohol, nicotine and marijuana. Males predominantly showed an increased consumption. The results are consistent with the national trend. Conclusion: The consumption of SPA among college students is high and some recreational contexts are closely associated with this behaviour.

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  • 2012/1/1


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