Convergencia mediática y actividades de aprendizaje en los talleres universitarios de periodismo. Un estudio sobre el Taller Integrado de Periodismo en la Universitat Pompeu Fabra Academic Article


  • This article examines journalism workshops as learning scenarios in the context of media convergence, taking as a case study the Integrated Journalism Workshop (TIP) of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, which covers the television, radio, press and internet sections. The study offers an overview of the characteristics and constructivist paradigms of these spaces, and the convergent particularity of the TIP. For this research, a qualitative methodology was applied that combined the techniques of observation in the newsrooms of Press, Radio, Television and Internet and semi-structured interviews with four professors -one for each plot- and the coordinator of the TIP. The analysis of the information gathered led to the conclusion that this space is configured as a setting for authentic learning activities, by placing the student in real professional situations, through collaborative work and joint critical reflection.

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  • 2018/1/1


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  • press
  • radio
  • television

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