Violence in the transformation of systems of work in Colombia Academic Article


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  • The phenomenon of the organizational violence is extent and complex; this is due to the multiplicity of factors and of elements of individual, economic, social and political order that there take place. This work approaches initially the problem of the violence in general then to try to specify the problem of the work violence. Today this one is a wide field of investigation nevertheless in Colombia even it remains to do efforts to understand this phenomenon in an environment of political and social violence, in the frame of which rapid transformations are happening in the forms of organization of the work. Our method of work this one based on the accomplishment of semistructured interviews with workers who have experienced some form of violence in the work. The analysis allows identifying some of the precursor agents of violence in the organizations and the manifestation forms of these have inside of the organizations.

publication date

  • 2012/1/1


  • Colombia
  • Economics
  • Interviews
  • Organizations
  • Social Environment
  • Violence

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