Uso de las demostraciones prácticas en las clases de teoría, para mejorar el aprendizaje de la electrotecnia Chapter


  • The use of practical demostrations in theorical lectures has become increasingly rare in engineering teaching. In this work we vinculate their use for teaching of Electrotechnics, nor only as an efficent pedagogical tool, but also as a counterbalance to the artificial separation od the theory and practice - so questionable in engineering teaching - and as a compensation for the decrease od practical laboratory hours of in engineering degrees. We describe the set up used and the demostrations developed. We emphasize not only its practical aspects, but also how this experimental desing is theoretically integrated and connected to a larger framework for the preparation of the practical sessions. Furthermore, we show how this practical desing engages with an active methodology aimed at increasing student participation. Finally, we analyze the results of this experience, we propose some future improvements, and we suggest a strategy to futher a more complete integration of theory and practice in the teaching of Electrotechnics.

publication date

  • 2015/1/1


  • Compensation and Redress
  • Demonstrations
  • Electrical engineering
  • Students
  • Teaching

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