Journalism in Snapchat: an analysis of the stories published by UOL and NYT Academic Article


  • This study aims to portray the journalistic production in Snapchat, which, followingthe logic of the application is available for 24 hours. It is based on theconcepts of mobility and liquid information, while using multimedia elementsin the narrative. An analysis of the stories published by the Brazilian portal UOLand the US newspaper New York Times (NYT) in December 2016. The resultspoint to a change in the paradigm of audiovisual narrative, since the publicationsare structured from micro stories of ten seconds. In addition, the productionsinclude icons, photographs and texts in color, printing to the content aninformal and entertaining character.

publication date

  • 2018/1/1


  • color
  • mobility
  • narrative
  • photographs
  • stories

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  • 1390-1079

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  • 333

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