La democracia digital en los discursos y en las prácticas comunicativas web de Avaaz y Amnistía Internacional en España. Academic Article


  • This work is a comparative study of the web 2.0 communication platforms in Spanish language of the nGOs Avaaz and Amnesty International. We have used a trans-disciplinary approach with contributions from marketing, journalism, and political science. Our research shows that Avaaz uses more effectively the web 2.0 communication but its “clicktivism” model of political participation is superficial and has a low potential of engagement for offline and continuative activism. Amnesty International, on its turn, makes a less effective use of web 2.0 communication in their campaigns, but they are able to explore some of the benefits of “clicktivism” while achieving a personal involvement of activists in the offline context.Keywords: democracy; Avaaz; Amnesty International; web 2.0 communication; clicktivism; cyberactivism.

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  • 2015/1/1


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  • Amnesty International
  • Spain
  • Spanish language
  • campaign
  • communication
  • democracy
  • journalism
  • marketing
  • political participation
  • political science
  • transdisciplinary

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