Características de la narrativa en los blogs periodísticos políticos brasileños y españoles Academic Article


  • Based on a web content analysis of five journalistic blogs on politics, integrated in the websites of reference newspapers in Brazil and Spain, we present in this study the characteristics of the narrative used in the posts. After analysing 911 publications over 14 days, the results of the research suggest that most bloggers prefer to use textual narrative, as if they were working in the written press. They still need to explore more frequently hypertext narrative and hypermedia resources to publish journalistic content that takes advantage of the language and inherent characteristics of the Web.

publication date

  • 2014/1/1


  • Brazil
  • Spain
  • content analysis
  • hypermedia
  • hypertext
  • language
  • narrative
  • newspaper
  • politics
  • resources
  • weblog
  • website

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