Cajas de herramientas del sector minero: formas de legalizar Book


  • This text describes empirically and technically the forms of legal standing designed by the Colombian State to include in the regulatory compliance those miners who for various reasons do not meet the requirements imposed. The work is divided into three chapters: The first chapter presents the possible classification of mining in order to show the different ways of observing the people who engage in this activity, bringing up legal and illegal mining, formal and informal mining, categorization according to the ownership of resources, their size (subsistence, small, medium and large mining), and ending with a few brief words on traditional mining, artisanal mining and others; The second chapter presents the general requirements that the legal system has imposed on mining activity, this being apart from an extension of what is already sustained by the same author and others in the book La minería en páramos, humedales y reservas forestales; and finally, the third chapter presents the existing forms of legitimacy, where the special reserve areas, the processes of legalization of traditional mining, the processes of legalization of de facto mining, and subcontracts, among other topics, will be dealt with.

publication date

  • 2018/7/1


  • legal
  • legalization
  • mining
  • processes

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  • 9789587840827

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  • 128