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Publications per year (.CSV File)
Year Publications
2011 1

Co-authors (.CSV File)
Author Publications with
Brown, Elizabeth E. 1
Kaufman, Kenneth M. 1
Kamen, Diane L. 1
Lee, Ji Seon 1
James, Judith A. 1
Juan Manuel Anaya Cabrera 1
Deng, Yun 1
Kimberly, R. P. 1
Gilkeson, Gary S. 1
Tsao, Betty P. 1
Bae, S. C. 1
Song, Yeong Wook 1
Vilá, L. M. 1
Reveille, John D. 1
Comeau, Mary E. 1
Vyse, Timothy J. 1
Langefeld, C. D. 1
Zhao, Jian 1
Edberg, Jeffrey C. 1
Merrill, Joan T. 1
Kelly, Jennifer A. 1
Sunahori, Katsue 1
Tan, Wenfeng 1
Moser, Kathy L. 1
Niewold, Timothy B. 1
Petri, M. A. 1
Criswell, Lindsey A. 1
Boackle, S. A. 1
Harley, John B. 1
Ziegler, Julie T. 1
Alarcón-Riquelme, M. E. 1
Hahn, Bevra H. 1
Gaffney, P. M. 1
Lee, Joo Hyun 1