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Publications per year (.CSV File)
Year Publications
2015 1

Co-authors (.CSV File)
Author Publications with
Bene, Jessica 1
Moser Sivils, Kathy L. 1
Vyse, Timothy J. 1
Xie, Gang 1
Kvarnström, Marika 1
Gilkeson, Gary S. 1
Tsao, Betty P. 1
Coltescu, Catalina 1
Gorlova, Olga Y. 1
Eriksson, Per 1
Li, He 1
Wahren-Herlenius, Marie 1
Nath, Swapan K. 1
Brennan, Michael T. 1
Ice, John A. 1
Lessard, Christopher J. 1
Lessard, James A. 1
Adler, Adam 1
Scofield, R. Hal 1
Freedman, Barry I. 1
Marion, Miranda C. 1
Ramsey-Goldman, R. 1
Harboe, Erna 1
Bae, S. C. 1
James, J. A. 1
Ng, Wan Fai 1
Bowman, Simon 1
Cunninghame-Graham, Deborah S. 1
Amos, Chris 1
Martin, Javier 1
Kimberly, R. P. 1
Vaughn, Samuel E. 1
Brun, Johan G. 1
Criswell, Lindsey A. 1