Co-investigator Network

Note: This information is based solely on grants that have been loaded into the VIVO system. This may only be a small sample of the person's total work.

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The information in the following tables is for all years. info icon

Grants per year (.CSV File)
Year Grants
2005 4
2007 1
2011 2
2017 1
2018 5

Co-investigator(s) (.CSV File)
Investigator Grants with
Paul Laissue Hormaza 5
Nora Constanza Contreras Bravo 2
Juan Sebastián Botero Meneses 1
Arcos Burgos, Oscar Mauricio 1
Alberto Francisco Vélez van Meerbeke 1
Claudia Talero Gutiérrez 1
Carlos Alberto Calderón Ospina 1