About HUB-UR: Services & Experts Finder

Hub-UR: Services and experts finder gathers, in one place, public information about the strengths and capabilities of the Universidad del Rosario. It is based on open software VIVO, which takes advantage of the benefits of the semantic Web to show structured and linked information, providing results enriched by associations and categorized relationships. Here, researchers, students, companies, funding agencies, decision makers and the general public can identify or discover our activities and achievements to:

  • Search and find detailed profiles of tutors for a thesis.
  • Search and look up the detailed profile of an expert on certain research area, aiming to establish collaboration.
  • Find and become acquainted with the research projects and services offered by the institution and its members.
  • Allocate the financing funds according to our research strengths, individuals and/or general.
  • Find a consultant, getting to know their strengths, publications, experience, etc.
  • Find the quick answer to a question, and expand it by browsing the linked information.
  • Become acquainted with events held on specific topics and access the reports.
  • Search and become acquainted the installed capacity of laboratories to contract their use or perform a specific test.
  • Reflect a complete vision of the institution's priorities and efforts.

We give access to:
Experts profile Organizations profile Research profile Grants profile Events profile

"The connections between you and your potential collaborators can take many forms, but usually follow the familiar pattern of affiliation, publication, participation and funding" Jon Corson-Rikert, VIVO Team

The information is updated every 6 months, on a automatic and synchronized matter with other institutional systems. If you have any questions or requirements about the information send us a message to servicioscrai@urosario.edu.co>