Sociedad, raza, Nación y el funcionamiento del organismo humano. Historias alternativas de la Fisiología en América Latina Academic Article


  • This special issue of the Journal of Health Science on Alternative Histories of Physiology in Latin America is the result of an international meeting held at the University of Rosario in 2014 and organized by the Social Studies of Science, Technology and Professions (GESCTP) research group, within the framework of the activities of the research project "Comparative study on the history of physiology in Latin America". The purpose of the meeting was to identify transversal problems and new fields of historical research on Physiology, which would encourage the construction of comparative and transnational perspectives of analysis, while creatively combining different historiographical approaches. Beyond the story of the great figures or the reception of European experimental physiology (as a unified body of knowledge) in Latin American contexts, emphasis was placed on the profound relationships between local scientific work and social, political and cultural aspects of the 19th and 20th centuries. Thus, during the colloquium, case studies were presented that dealt with Physiology as a complex set of activities involving various discourses, spaces, practices, instruments and metrological networks and that not only inform us about the development of medicine and local science, but also about their role in the way the Nation was intended to be built and in the way it was intended to represent and intervene in Latin American societies and their individuals.

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