China and Latin America: A marriage made in heaven? Academic Article


  • During the last twenty years, China's astonishing economic development, and its pursuit of a more outwardly-oriented foreign policy, have shaped international politics to a significant degree. Offered a model of cooperation based on mutual gains between developing countries, Latin America faces a more favorable panorama for its foreign relations, both economic and political, with China. However, is this relationship really "a marriage made in heaven"? This article seeks to identify the interests at play in the relationship between China and Latin America. First, following an analysis of China's political and economic development, it identifies three pillars upon which China has based its relations with developing countries: economics; culture; and diplomacy. Second, utilizing the analytical categories of "hard" and "soft" power, the article compares the rise of China, and its behavior, to that of traditional great powers such as the United States. Finally, the article gives an overview of the current Chinese strategy vis-à-vis the Latin American region.

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  • 2012-1-1


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