Remote-Operated Multimodal Interface for Therapists during Walker-Assisted Gait Rehabilitation: A Preliminary Assessment Conference Poster


  • Smart Walkers are robotic devices commonly used to improve physical stability and sensory support for people with lower limb weakness or cognitive impairments. Even though such devices offer continuous monitoring during gait rehabilitation, empowering therapists to reduce efforts during gait therapies is an interesting research topic. In this context, a new strategy to remote-operate and perceive a walker-assisted gait therapy using a joystick is presented. Three operational modes were configured into a joystick to provide cognitive and physical interaction, such as no feedback mode, light feedback mode and force feedback mode. Results from a usability and acceptance questionnaire showed better participant's understating of light feedback mode, and higher effort perception under force feedback mode. This interaction strategy represents a potential joystick application as a monitoring and control interface in walker-assisted gait.

publication date

  • 2019-3-22


  • Feedback
  • Monitoring
  • Patient rehabilitation
  • Robotics


  • 9781538685556

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