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Quevedo Gómez, María Cristina  |  Faculty Member

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María Cristina Quevedo-Gómez, PhD. is currently appointed as Principal Professor at El Rosario University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.Maria Cristina obtained her PhD in Global Health and Medical Anthropology (2012) and a Master’s degree in Public Health (2002) from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. She has 17 years of teaching and research experience in academic positions in the Netherlands and Colombia in which she focused on ethnographic research and participatory methods (PAR) to understand health and illness processes from a collaborative and comprehensive perspective. Her research contributes to the Public Health Research Group science production at El Rosario University. Her research work aims the process of collaborative production of knowledge between scientist and non-scientists, and on its value in the construction of participative social policy as well as social actions that lead to the transformation of current global health issues and social realities towards social justice. She has wide experience with qualitative research methods, especially participatory methods (PAR). Current research lines: 1. Global Health: in which health is analyzed in its global context from a critical theory perspective, bearing in mind all global actors involved, its relations of power and dynamic interactions. Within this line she has addressed topics in sexual and reproductive health, HIV among others, that lave lead to the majority of her publications in scientific journals such as BMC Public Health, Social Science & Medicine, Culture, Health and Sexuality, The Panamerican Journal of Public Health, as well as books and book chapters. M.C. is curretly principal researcher in the project: “Developing capacity for research, innovation and knowledge exchange in HIV between the Colombia and the UK”, which promotes student and academic mobility, as well as knowledge transfer with diverse social actors in HIV. Together with collaborators in the UK, are currently working on the construction of an international network: “Academy as a social transformation actor on HIV realities”. 2. Humanized Health Education and Health Services: within this line she has written a participatory project proposal on “hidden curricula” in medical schools and currently supervises a project on “humanized birth. Her teaching fields correspond with her research interests: Global Health, Primary Health Care, Qualitative and participatory Research Methods. She coordinates the Qualitative Research Line of the research seeds in Public Health at the Public Health Research Group.

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HR job title

  • Profesor principal de carrera

Last degree obtained

  • PhD in Global Health and Medical Antropology

full name

  • María Cristina Quevedo Gómez

Also known as

  • Maria Cristina Quevedo-Gómez


  • https://scienti.colciencias.gov.co/cvlac/visualizador/generarCurriculoCv.do?cod_rh=0000214981


  • https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2830-3743

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  • https://scholar.google.es/citations?user=tJL_SNUAAAAJ&hl=es&oi=ao


  • https://pure.urosario.edu.co/es/persons/maria-cristina-quevedo-g%C3%B3mez