Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management for Digital Environments  |  Degree

The aim of this Graduate Diploma is to contribute to the training of professionals who will develop a strategic vision of marketing management with commercial results that will contribute to business sustainability. This is achieved by imparting relevant knowledge regarding the tasks and responsibilities of marketing managers; developing the managerial skills required by marketing executives; and bringing knowledge and experience together in the development of a marketing plan applicable to a given organization or a plan that guides the creation of a new business unit that sparks the interest of professionals.The Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management meets high international standards that enable it to form part of a network of globally accredited schools, offering exchanges in study programs abroad, facilitating multicultural access and ensuring employability in the world’s most prestigious companies. We train trustworthy leaders, capable of acting as entrepreneurs and innovators in a global context, who use their vision, thinking and strategic actions to contribute to generating sustainable value in solving the major challenges in the country.
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Basic core of knowledge

  • Administration


  • Specialist in Marketing Management for Digital Environments

Level of Education

  • Graduate Diploma


  • In-person attendance

Number of semesters

  • 2 Semiannual

knowledge area

  • Economy, administration, accounting and related


  • 109171