Con (y contra) Strawson: sobre la posibilidad de un mundo con actitudes reactivas y sin responsabilidad moral Thesis

short description

  • Master's thesis

Thesis author

  • Aponte Rojas, Luis Alexander


  • The title of this work reflects an intermediate position about one of the most influential proposals in the contemporary history of moral philosophy and the philosophy of action, namely that advanced by Peter F. Strawson in his famous text Freedom and Resentment. Intermediate because, to a certain extent, it is an acceptance of much of what it says (hence the “with” of the title) and, to some extent, it is a critique of its proposal (hence the “against” also present in the title).

publication date

  • February 19, 2020 6:14 PM


  • Compatibilists
  • Incompatibilists
  • Libertarian
  • Moral anger
  • Moral responsability
  • Reactive attitudes
  • Retributivism

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  • 0ba8e35f-f230-407d-978d-e8bdfa6c0a50