Un mundo un sueño: los juegos olimpicos y su incidencia en la consolidación del proyecto político de china Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • Ortiz Jerez, Oscar Leonardo


  • To the world´s astonishment view, The Popular Republic of China made the Olympics Games Beijing 2008, it hasn´t been the most expensive in the history of the games with an amazing demonstration of modernization, it was a Successful event for the Chinese communist party interests (CCP), So, the main arguments of Deng Xiaopings strategy the CCP and the political impact of the Olympics, contributed to consolidate the Chinese political project, the socialist market economy and the articulation of this process in the achievement CCP objectives in terms of restoring the continuity of the Chinese communist regime territorial integrity, prestige, leadership and powering in the international context that has allowed the image construction of the “XXI century New China”

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  • 2011-09-16


  • China
  • Chinese communist party
  • Olympics Games

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  • 0eac0205-fae0-452f-bb3d-ece9dbdd351c