Trabajo a distancia ¿nueva realidad o simple moda? Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • Joves Buitrago, Humberto Camilo


  • This writing is an analysis of the national reality that has been facing since 2020 regarding the covid-19 pandemic. More precisely and with respect to the subject of labor law, the monograph will study all the issues related to remote work, as a new opportunity or new horizon that society has had to implement and of course the law has been developing with more effort during the last 2 years. By the year 2020, with the declaration of a global pandemic, remote work, which was already frequent for Colombian citizens, due to the very implementation of new technologies that characterizes the 21st century, became generalized from one moment to the next for all or at least the majority. of workers in each sector. There was already an approach since 2008, when Law 1221 of 2008 was issued and which, for the purpose of this monograph, will be the starting point to review the historical evolution of remote work in Colombia. As we will see in the present, it will not be until 2021 that Colombian legislation will take significant steps in the regulation of remote work, obviously motivated by the current reality. The purpose of the study is not precisely to deny or confirm the new reality those Colombian workers already face on a daily basis. The real objective is to determine, based on the laws, the doctrine and of course the opinion of the citizens themselves, if Colombia will be able to maintain remote work as a pillar of labor development, or on the contrary if the State is not prepared to maintain these conditions. and it will have to return to using remote work as a mere alternative for some, which, as of 2022, seems to be the second option.

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  • June 29, 2022 3:27 PM

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