Estructuración de los procesos y la función de recursos humanos alineados con el direccionamiento estratégico en Kathmandu restaurante Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • Buitrago Neira, Margie


  • The strategic direction is intented to help organizations meet their goals and have durability ober time. It is a methodological way in which the formulation and strategic approach are set, the gaps between the company’s dream and reality are identified, to deploy strategic plataform. Kathmandu is a restaurant known for its gastronomic cultural diversity, located in Usaquen north of Bogota. His service-space brings the flavors, aroma, decoration and elixirs from the east, his music includes a fusion of sounds that can materialize the experience that wants to provide to meet the expectations of their guests and provide a different experience. Weekends have belly dance shows, to accompany the meal and have time to enjoy this place. This restaurant has a differentiator in its service, which offers a competitive advantage, Kathmandu offers the possibility that in addition to the delight of their dishes, customers can acquire all the decor of this place, these original handcrafts brought from Nepal, India, Thailand, Indonesia and surroundings. Another attractive of this restaurant are the allusive cocktails to the eastern regions, and the hookah it offers its customers. Over the years, certain drawbacks presented in business with customers, staff and utilities have made managers worry about finding the root of the problem and find the optimal solution to last over time with the best benefits possible, because the strategies being implemented are not going according to its mission and vision, so it is necessary a restructuring of certain processes focused on strategic direction. An analysis was made at a meeting with the directives on each area of the organization where problems should be treated Kathmandu to make a more efficient, effective and productive enterprise were evident. And prepare to face the changes that time to submit regarding customer preferences, competition, among others, whether short, medium or long term. Some of the main problems encountered are: customer service, appropriate recruitment and training of this, lack of management of a hierarchical conduit and distribution of functions among employees, proper report on the dissatisfaction of customers with their solution manual functions, inventory management and rotation, check product quality, supplier management, among others. Kathmandu, despite having obvious problems, is a company that for the services and products offered continues to generate good profits, so managers had not given due attention to these problems that are jeopardizing the sustainability of the company and It is affecting the optimization of profits and minimize costs without affecting the quality of service provided to the customer. The aim of this restaurant is that the human resources area is restructured in each of the processes to articulate the strategic direction of Kathmandu; in this area since most of the problems presented above are generated. This project aims to design the strategic management of human resources area Restaurant Kathmandu to overcome the problems identified and to ensure the effectiveness of its processes and further demonstrate the belief of sustained success that was handled here. This project was carried out with a mixed methodology, to have aspects of quantitative and qualitative research and to make a more thorough investigation leading to an optimal solution of the problem covered. Strategic direction as a tool to rethink the area of human resources and achieve organizational effectiveness in its processes were used.

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  • 2016-05-16


  • Human resources
  • Organizational culture
  • Organizational structure
  • Strategic leadership
  • Strategic management
  • Strategy

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