Comportamientos de civilidad y engagement de empleados y estudiantes : una aproximación desde los estudios organizacionales positivos Thesis

short description

  • Doctoral Thesis

Thesis author

  • Portalanza, Alexandra

external tutor

  • Antón Rubio, María Concepción


  • The main objective of this research was to evaluate the effect of employees' civil behavior on the engagement of employees and students, in a Higher Education Institution (IES) of the Republic of Ecuador. Through the design and validation of two instruments applied to 340 teachers and 538 students, it was determined through the model of structural equations and the hypothesis test, both in the group of students and employees, that the civil behaviors have an effect on the development of engagement, although in a differentiated way, partially supporting the general hypothesis of the study.

publication date

  • 2017-11-01


  • Civic Behaviors
  • Employees
  • Engagement
  • Higher Education Institution
  • Students

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  • 3c9df1b5-eb13-432c-beea-5b7a08e06938