Internado obligatorio y sus efectos sobre los estilos de vida, índice de masa corporal y perímetro abdominal en estudiantes de un programa de medicina en Bogotá Thesis

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  • Postgraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Cubillos López, Juan Pablo
  • Molano Fonseca, Jorge Armando

external tutor

  • Torres de Galvis, Yolanda


  • Background: Medical school internship is the last year of training for medical students, it involves a greater time intensity of work in direct contact with patients, responsibility in decision making and high academic demand. Previous research suggests that this may affect lifestyle and other health indicators. Methodology: With cohorts crossover study design, the results of the behaviour BMI, Abdominal perimeter (AP) and lifestyles were analysed, assessed at the beginning and end of the boarding school, considered as an exposed cohort, and compared with similar measurements at the beginning and end with students in X semester, whose characteristics are different. In the first stage, univariate analysis was applied with descriptive statistics, and from two measurements of the variables of interest, comparisons were carried out using statistical tests and epidemiological measures to estimate the existing risks. Results: For BMI and AP, the average results did not show statistically significant differences. In the bivariate analysis, risk estimators with 95% CI for FANTASTICO Instrument results in the study population presented: an incidence of exposed 50.91% and in unexposed 51.04%, without statistically significant difference and RR of 0.9 with 95% CI of 0.72 and 1.3, which indicates that there are no statistically significant differences, surprisingly the %RAP behaves with a tendency towards prevention. Conclusions: The results of the study are in favor of accepting the null hypothesis, so there are no significant differences in the variables analyzed between the two groups of students at the beginning and end of their academic periods.

publication date

  • June 18, 2019 9:39 PM


  • Body mass index
  • Internship and residency
  • Life style
  • Medical School
  • Risk factors
  • Student health services

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