Implementación de prácticas saludables y la innovación personal Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Sierra Riscanebo, Katerine


  • Today organizations seek to be more successful and have more positive results in the activities directed towards groups of interest and the Organization itself. Through the concept of healthy organizations, enterprises carry out actions directed towards the well-being of the employees, suppliers, customers, and society in general. Besides, this study refers to the personal innovation, where some concepts of innovation are included and there are two key concepts that are the innovation at the organizational level and the personal level. With the purpose of set the relationship between healthy practices and personal innovation, there are some models and perspectives that incorporate the concept of organizations and healthy practices. A questionnaire based on questions about healthy practices and innovation at the personal level was the instrument for determine the results of this investigation. It is very important to continue with other studies in this field.

publication date

  • 2012-01-27


  • Healthy organizations
  • Healthy practices
  • Individual innovation
  • Positive studies

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  • 450cb432-8190-47ab-91d8-edafc7824755