La autorregulación regulada y su carácter de nueva fuente del derecho. Reflexiones sobre su aplicación en el derecho colombiano a partir de un estudio de caso Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

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  • Rojas Vásquez, Allison


  • Regarding self-regulation, there is little study on the impact that this socio-legal phenomenon, which comes from a professionalized, changing and globalized world, causes in the world of law, particularly in the existing relations between State and society, from which The traditional system of sources of law is questioned, since self-regulation, beyond being a manifestation of the autonomy of the will that binds the parties to a contract, makes self-regulatory rules a parallel and binding order also against third parties that it is presented to the world as more effective, even though it lacks legitimacy and even legality. However, the truth is that self-regulation is a reality that requires new forms of regulation and control, against which the role of the State makes sense and it is who must determine if it, like custom, will take on the character source of law.

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  • May 19, 2020 4:00 AM


  • Autonomy of the wi
  • Regulated self-regulation
  • Regulation
  • Source of law

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