Iniciativas de mujeres gestoras de paz en Colombia Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Rodríguez Vargas, Mónica Tatiana


  • The search for alternatives to effectively curb the consequences of armed conflict in Colombia, is a task some former presidents have led because of the harm caused not only to the nuclear family, but largely to women. They are victims of violence for being local leaders, for running foundations, or for having a family member linked to the police, military or groups outside the law. All of these conditions, characteristics of the armed conflict, violate the womens rights but, at the same time, encourage them to use their adverse experiences in order to minimize the social problems and the impact of violence in their lives. This journalistic work develops four stories using deep questions questionnaires and is coupled with a video, in order to highlight the struggles and the work of four peace managers, who using different strategies such as social movements creation, marches and sit-ins, workshops on forgiveness and reconciliation promotion, or an Exchange Bank, to counteract the violence they are subjected to. We conclude that the role of women as peacemakers, cant be defined as a single objective, but should be understood as the sum of multiple priorities since the armed conflict affects women, their families and communities differently. Their leadership and dedication makes their work is of great importance because its tracks benefits the entire society. It should be noted that the challenge of this new managers is to make visible their work to gain a greater political recognition, promote their participation in peace agreements and minimize situations that endanger their lives and organizations.

publication date

  • 2010-09-14


  • armed conflict
  • peace makers
  • social movements
  • women

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  • 6882b543-d222-404f-9eec-5baf8aa769f8